2018 Sizzle Awards Almost Here – Best Business Awards

2018 Sizzle Awards Almost Here – Best Business Awards

2018 Sizzle Awards are almost here!

The infamous reader’s choice poll recognizing the “Best of the Best” businesses in Williamson County. Presented by FranklinIS and sponsored by the Williamson Herald, Southern Exposure Magazine, and JLB for website support and services.

This is our 11th year anniversary and it will be a big event with lots of new voters and businesses.  Will be exciting for all.

Nominations window will be Feb 15  (if you were nominated last year then your business will already be part of the poll selections)

Voting will start after the nomination process.

Please make sure you promote your business in print and online to encourage returning and new voters to show their support for you.  Advertising opportunities exist with Franklinis, the Williamson Herald, Southern Exposure Magazine.

Two Frequently Asked Question:

Q: How do I submit our business for the poll voting.  

A: Great news.  You will be able to nominate your business to be one of the selections.  After we validate the nomination you will be added to the poll. 

Q: How can I get more visibility or help our business win.

A: Most businesses will come up with a Sizzle Discount or Special and will advertise and promote that.  A real effective way is to have your business advertise with The Williamson Herald, Southern Exposure Magazine and here on Franklinis.com.

Q: How do we know how we are doing.

A:  The new poll this year will show you a progress report in each category so that you can see how close the race is.  IT WILL BE EXCITING

Q: How do we know if we won.

A:  Top 3 winners will be invited to the Sizzle Awards Banquet (Banquet date to be announced).  Winner will be announced at the banquet.

Q: What do winners get.

A: Winners gain credibility through being recognized as one of the best businesses in Williamson County as voted by the public.  Winners also receive a plaque, certificate and digital badge that can be used to further promote their status as one of the best businesses around.

How does the poll work?  When the poll opens anyone can click on register and vote:  

  • There is an initial nomination period where business can elect themselves to be added to the poll.  If you receive 3 nominations then you are added to the poll for voting.  If you were nominated last year then you are automatically included in the poll this year.   
  • 1 vote per category to submit your vote.
  • Awards will be presented at the Annual Sizzle Award Ceremony (music, food, drinks and the WINNERS are announced)

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