7 Helpful Tips

7 Helpful Tips

Getting ready to sell your home?

Getting ready to sell your home?

Here are some tips to get you started in the selling process.

Tip 1
Name the price.  Figure out the value of your home, how much you would like to make in selling it.  Then look at similar homes in the community that have been on sale in the past year.  How much did they sell for?  Are those home still on the market?  If your price looks like a reasonable deal compared to those homes and if you leave a little room in your price for negotiating, proceed to tip #2.

Tip 2
Extra, extra read all about it!  Market and Advertise your property.  Plan a special budget for this.  FranklinIs has many affordable advertising options, should you choose to list your property through a Realtor.  Which brings up a good point, are you going to use a Realtor?  If so, we also have a special Find a Realtor page.  Realtors are very helpful in showing, marketing and helping you get your home sold.

Tip 3
Be sharp!  Watch out home owners and be careful not to get swept up in the excitement that someone is extremely interested in your home.  Be sure to confirm that your potential buyers are pre-approved for a loan.  This is very important if you do not want your contract to fall through in the end.

Tip 4
Entering into the closing procedures… this can be extremely tricky.  Be sure that you fully understand the legal requirements for selling a home.  This includes having a Tennessee Residential Property Disclosure and in many cases a Lead Based Paint Disclosure.

Tip 5
Negotiation mode:  Get ready to negotiate…home buyers are going to want to bring that price down…stick to your guns, but also allow room for flexibility in your price.

Tip 6
Contract time!  Know ahead of time, who will compose your contract.  If you hire an attorney be sure to factor that into your budget of selling your home.

Tip 7
Closing fees… you are responsible for all closing fees.  Talk with your Realtor to know exactly what to budget for this part.

Recap: It is important to budget out your expenses when getting ready to sell your home.   Allow room for a Realtor, advertising, negotiating prices, attorney fees, and closing fees.

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