90210 Nail Colors

90210 Nail Colors

Fashion for you nails!

By Polly Bibb

90210- It is that new hit on the CW that everyone is talking about!  I must admit, on Tuesday evenings, I with millions of others tune in for the cute show.  I look at the fashions, these young trend setting characters are wearing, laugh at the drama of their lives, and at the end of the episode am left hanging wishing that there were five more minutes left.  What is Annie going to do?  How can Silver be so moody?  Oh, I hope I don’t run into any Naomi’s anytime soon.

It’s funny, I was doing some research on nail colors and discovered that OPI launched a new line of colors—the 90210 colors!  The line is comprised of three different shades inspired by the show’s hit women—Queen of West Web-erly for Silver, Sweet as Annie-thing for Annie and Pretty and Privileged after Naomi.

The next time you book your mani-pedi, ask your salon if they carry the 90210 colors.  You wouldn’t want to miss out on this LA look!  To learn more about the OPI colors, visit www.opi.com.

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