Anti-Aging Miracles

Anti-Aging Miracles

The Quest for the Fountain of Youth
By Lexi Vance

All women want the skin they had in their teens, and are constantly on the search to find a fountain of youth formula to rid their wrinkles and other signs of aging. Wrinkles are not just signs of aging, and they are also micro injuries to the skin that compound over time to produce wrinkles and creases on your face in your thirties and forties.  There are numerous pricey anti aging products on the market, and deciding on one that yields results is a difficult task. Here are Couture’s top two picks for anti-aging miracles.

There are several needle free alternatives to Botox, like Strivectin-SD and Anew Reversalist.  If you aren’t crazy about the pain involved with Botox or about having only one facial expression, then Strivectin-SD is your best bet.  It was originally created as a stretch mark cream, but some consumers began using it on their faces. It resulted in diminished wrinkles, smoother skin texture, and less skin discoloration. It also doubles as an amazing moisturizer that gives skin a healthy glow. While Strivectin-SD works for reducing fine lines, but it merely diminishes larger forehead wrinkles. This is no Botox alternative, but it does rejuvenate skin by making it appear years younger.

Anew Reversalist by Avon is a breakthrough in the anti-aging game. It has Activinol, an ingredient that stimulates a compound called activin that naturally found in the skin and repairs skin molecules. Activinol helps the skin to repair itself.  The product received raving reviews because it firms skin, softens wrinkles, and decreases crow’s feet.  The only downfall to Anew is it’s packaging, which is cheaply packaged and it is difficult to get the cream out of the case. Regardless, with Avon’s prices and Anew’s glowing reviews, it is definitely worth a try.

The aforementioned products will help anti-aging, but will not turn back the clock to the skin of your twenties. The best anti-aging method is prevention, with the usual wear sunscreen, don’t smoke, eat plenty of foods that are rich in anti oxidants, and get plenty of sleep spiel. Following these healthy lifestyles will help you age gracefully, and the addition of anti-aging serums, creams, and moisturizers will take years off your age.

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