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Bar-B-Cutie® Mt. Juliet Owner Has Deep Roots In BBQ Tradition

Bar-B-Cutie, in Mt. Juliet, TN, officially opened its doors for business in May 2013.  This franchise is located at 2037 Mt Juliet Road.   Initial opening sales indicate that the Mt Juliet area has embraced its newest restaurant.   The owner of the Mt. Juliet franchise is Jim Anderson. Ronnie McFarland, owner of Bar-B-Cutie Franchise Systems, is very impressed with Mr. Anderson and thinks he makes a perfect fit in the Bar-B-Cutie family.

Mr. Anderson grew up in South Nashville behind  Tennessee Preparatory School., which grew corn, vegetables, and raised hogs and cattle.  His dad worked for RC Cola and his routes included stocking many of the local BBQ restaurants in Nashville.  Sometimes he would go with his father to help stock the restaurants, and he fell in love with BBQ.  He began grilling and smoking meats at a very young age.  Mr. Anderson says he can remember walking through the cornfields and eating at the original Bar-B-Cutie located on Murfreesboro Rd.

As he grew in experience he began competing in local cook-offs and eventually he joined the Kansas City BBQ Society, competing at that level and becoming a KCBS certified judge.  He has eaten BBQ all over the country and he says the one thing that he has learned is that the “best BBQ is the food that you grew up eating in your hometown.

”Things have changed in Nashville since then, most of all the barbeque restaurants have come and gone, but Bar-B-Cutie has stood the test of time. Mr. Anderson, states he chose the Bar-B-Cutie concept because he feels, “it has lasted because of the pride in the quality of food and service.” He also states, “I believe that I share the same joy of making people happy with good food and friendly service that the McFarland family has provided over the years, and my goal is to make the Mt. Juliet location just as successful.”

Mr. Anderson is proud to be a part of the community of Mt. Juliet and has made great efforts to be a part by reaching out to local schools, senior citizen centers, and retirement villages in an effort to sponsor fundraisers and support the community.When asked what advice he would give to anyone interested in venturing into the BBQ world he said this, “The two best pieces of advice I have ever been given are; one, you can’t go wrong by doing what is right, and two, if you can find and do for a living what you truly love, you will never again work another day in your life.”

He feels he has found the thing he truly loves and every smile he sees every day has made the journey from the kid out of the cornfield to a Bar-B-Cutie owner worth every minute of it.

About Bar-B-Cutie:  Serving “The World’s Best Barbecue Since 1950®,” Bar-B-Cutie is a quick casual restaurant with a menu that includes everything from baby-back ribs, mesquite grilled chicken, Southern sides items, home-made desserts and more.  The Bar-B-Cutie in Mt. Juliet is located at 2037 Mt. Juliet Road. Visit for more information.

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