BGA and the TSSAA dead period

BGA and the TSSAA dead period

It is four days into the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association’s dead period and new Battle Ground Academy head football coach Roc Batten has yet to take a day off work.

“I’m trying to use it to get ready for camp,” Batten said in a phone interview from his office. “I know dead period is when you’re supposed to go on vacation, (but) I’m working because I have to get prepared so when July 11 comes (we’re ready).

Dead period is explained in the TSSAA bylaws as no coaching, observing or contact between coach and players in sport involved. There is no practice, no open facilities and no weight training or conditioning. July 11 is the first day this ban is lifted.

Despite the rule being fair across the board – all TSSAA schools have to observe the rule – BGA and Batten are in a unique and interesting situation as the coach has only been on staff at the school since June 2. Click here to read more.

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