Carnton Plantation hosts Vintage Base Ball

Carnton Plantation hosts Vintage Base Ball

The Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball has announced the summer schedule, with games to be played on July 24 and Aug. 21at noon. The season culminates in a final tournament from Sept. 10 – 11 where eleven teams from the state vie for the Sulpher Dell Cup.

Carnton Plantation, managed by the Battle of Franklin Trust, will serve as the home field for the Franklin Farriers in the final games of the vintage baseball season. All games will be played in the large open field west of the plantation.

Going back in the past, players must abide by the rules and traditions of baseball, as it would have been during the Civil War. The required underhand pitch, period reproduction uniforms and the absence of gloves will ensure an authentic experience. Spectators may find the presence of umpires in vintage baseball to be a formality rather than a necessity. Tough calls such as “safe” or “out” are expected to be resolved between the players themselves.

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