Commentary: The nest is lighter on Father’s Day

Commentary: The nest is lighter on Father’s Day

There once was a little boy with curly hair and a sweet little lisp that made him all the more adorable. His mother couldn’t imagine a day when this boy would not be under her feet. As the boy grew into teen years he kept his parents on their knees in prayer. If his daddy said red, he said blue. Truth be told, he is more like his daddy than he would ever admit to.

Although Mom was her son’s best friend and ally, the time came when the mom knew it was a father her son needed when life got tough. Rising to the occasion, the dad spent hours of time with his son.

You see, being a father is not just about throwing a ball to your toddler or coaching their youth sports team. It’s about being there when your child needs you most. A lot of parents have a presence in their child’s life; however, are they present? Tough conversations, sometimes dead silence but all the while being a constant in what is often an overwhelming and confusing time of life.

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