Fall Food

Fall Food

A note from the Franklin Farmers Market

Everyone needs good food. And good food should be shared. When it comes to getting good food to eat, there are people in our communities who have found themselves in need of a helping hand. People whose lives have changed because they’ve lost their jobs. People who had to leave their homes because of abuse. People who are suddenly alone or are now single parents with no support. Good food should never be wasted. That’s why the farmers of the Franklin Farmers Market donate food each week to the Giving Garden of the Franklin First United Methodist Church.

The FUMC’s Giving Garden is on 3 acres of land and approximately 250 volunteers work to create an amazing productive garden patch. Fresh food from the garden is distributed to many organizations that help those in need. Organizations such as Meals on Wheels, My Friend’s House and the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin receive food on a regular basis from the ministry. But as productive as the Giving Garden is, there’s still a need for more food. So each Saturday, our farmers take leftover produce that did not sell at the market and donate it to the Giving Garden program.

The reason is simple. Why waste ripe food that will not hold until the next market, when it can be used right away to feed those in need? This year the farmers of the Franklin Farmers Market have donated over 3,877 pounds of produce. Combined that with the fresh produce from the Giving Garden, over 19,367 pounds of food has been distributed to those who need it.

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