Franklin’s Free Parking Garages Get Vehicle Counters

Franklin’s Free Parking Garages Get Vehicle Counters

Displays inform drivers of available spaces

Franklin—Visitors and residents parking in the two City Owned free parking garages will now be informed of available spaces within the garages before entering. The City’s Information Technology Department has created a data analytics program which allows the use of video cameras to identify cars as they enter the two parking garages. “As a driver pulls in, the software counts the car and removes one available space,” said IT Director Jordon Shaw. “As that car enters the next level, it adds a count to that level and removes it from the level the vehicle came from. This allows to us tell drivers exactly how many vehicles are on each parking level, comparing that to the amount of spaces available.”

The City owns two parking garages that provide free parking to visitors and residents. The parking garage on 4th avenue has 333 available spaces. The parking garage on 2nd Avenue has 303 spaces.

Electronic signs have been installed outside each garage that will show the total number of spaces. Once a vehicle enters the garage, they will see monitors on the first level, which will tell them the number of spaces available for each level. Additionally, the parking space availability will be on the City of Franklin website at The IT Department is also working on a City of Franklin Parking mobile app, which will allow us to serve this data out to our citizens mobile devices.

The cost for the project is $100,000.

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