FSSD Dress Code

FSSD Dress Code

The FSSD has a dress code for grades 5-8. The intended goal is to create and foster a safe, orderly academic setting in which students and teachers can concentrate on their educational endeavors with minimal distractions.  All students in grades 5-8 will follow the same basic rules, which are listed below. Parental support is vital to achieving this goal.

The major tenets of the dress code throughout the three FSSD middle schools include the following:

  • Students are required to wear fold-down collared shirts. Any color will be acceptable. If the collared shirt has buttons, no more than two buttons may be open. Students may wear FSSD t-shirts on a school-designated day. Spirit Days will be Thursdays for Freedom Middle School and Fridays for Poplar Grove and Freedom Intermediate. Each school will make their own policy regarding special occasions or field trips.
  • Shorts, skorts, skirts, or dresses must be no more than 3 inches above the top of the knee.
  • Pants must have a zipper or button closure at the waist. No athletic, sport, recreational, or lounge shorts or pants are allowed.
  • School issued and/or FSSD pullover hoodies or sweatshirts are allowed.  All other hoodies must be zippered and must be worn so the collared shirt shows.

The middle school dress code has been created with the idea of promoting a positive learning atmosphere and a wholesome attitude for each and every student. Safety, neatness, cleanliness, consistency, decorum and common decency are the guiding standards for all student dress. A student’s style of dress and/or grooming may reflect individual preference; however, such preferences must be selected within the constraints of reasonable rules and appropriate standards that are consistent with the maintenance of an effective learning atmosphere and good personal hygiene.

Photo Gallery: See photo examples of compliant and non-compliant clothing.

For each school’s full dress code, please click on the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What color/style collared shirts can be worn?
A: Any color, pattern or style is acceptable as long as the collar folds down and it adheres to the general dress code. This includes turtlenecks, “peter pan” collars, or dress shirts that button all the way down. If a shirt has buttons, only the top two buttons may be left unfastened.

Q:  I just bought my child a jacket. What is the policy on those?
A:  All zip-up jackets, sweatshirts and coats are allowed, regardless of color or style.  However, the collared shirt must be visible underneath. Coats may be worn when entering or exiting the building, but should be left in the locker during the day. Exceptions to the guidelines will be announced if facilities indicate the need.

Q:  Why does the hoodie have to be FSSD or school issued?
A:  Hoodies that are ordered from the school will be issued with a correct fit, with guidance from the student’s teacher or coach. In the past, there have been issues with oversized hoodies that conceal banned items in school. Students may wear hoodies they received from previous FSSD schools.

Q: Why must the shirts be tucked in?
A: For consistency and ease in enforcement, all shirts must be tucked in. The dress code is designed to be equitable for boys and girls and the requirements place the emphasis on teaching and learning rather than clothing infractions.

Q: What is the purpose of the policy on pants and shorts?
A:  The requirement of pants with belt loops solves the problem of pants not remaining at the waist. The belt will keep pants firmly in place at the waist without the issues of “sagging” and “bagging.” The length of shorts, skirts and skorts had to be redefined as no more than three inches above the knee rather than “fingertip length” because of the significant differences in student height and arm length.

Q:  I heard that backpacks are not allowed anymore. Is that true?
A:  That is not true. Backpacks are encouraged to help students carry books to and from school. Each school has a procedure for backpack storage during the day.  Students will be allowed time to go back to their lockers for books and supplies at designated times during the school day. If this is an issue for your child, please speak with the school principal.

Q: My family is just not able to afford new clothes right now. How can my child adhere to the dress code?
A: No student will be denied an education due to a financial inability to obtain clothing that complies with the school dress code. Any student for whom compliance with the school dress code poses a financial burden may submit a written request for clothing needed. School principals, or their designees, shall assist families in financial need to obtain clothing that complies with the school dress code. In meeting requests for assistance, principals, or their designees, shall consider community resources such as clothing donations from school personnel, merchants, parent organizations, and charitable organizations, financial assistance, purchasing clothing for a student, and providing additional time for a student to obtain clothing that complies with the school dress code.

Q:  What happens if my child breaks the dress code?
A:  Each of the schools has individual consequences as it relates to dress code infractions. Please click on the links above to see the consequences for dress code infractions at each of the three schools affected. The dress of a student reflects the level of respect for oneself, respect for one’s peers and respect for one’s school.

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