Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Spring 2009

By Polly Bibb

Feathers, bows, vintage hair combs and more!   This spring keep your hair cool with fashionable accessories.  Feathers have continued to be a big hit.  They are finding themselves on headbands and are an excellent way to spruce up your look.

Add a dash of color with large flowers, too. Only these are sure not to wilt in the spring heat.  Vintage hair combs are the classy way to style up that do and add a bit of elegance to a freshly tousled look.

If you work long hours and want innovative ways to keep your hair looking sophisticated while at the office, try some toned-down trio, wooden head bands.  If you are bold, pop a little color in your hair with a skinny, suede band!

Spring is the perfect season for hair.  The cold air won’t dry out your scalp and the humidity of summer hasn’t sent your hair into a frizz.  Enjoy this season while we have it!  Pop those colors, add florals, feathers or a vintage look before the heat of summer sets in on you.

These images are all from Forever 21 and can be purchased online for under $7!!!

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