Holly Trolley

Holly Trolley

2013 Tickets are SOLD OUT!!

Tickets for the Holly Trolley 2013 event are SOLD OUT!  As a part of Holly Trolley, refreshments will be provided in our lobby at 708 Columbia Avenue 30 minutes prior to departure. The Holly Trolley trip lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. Free parking is available in the 4th Avenue Parking Garage if our parking lot is full.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Pre-payment is required.
2. $16.00 per person (no exceptions for infants or small children). No refunds will be given. Payment options: PayPal (online). cash, or checks. Ticket price includes processing and handling.
3. Seats are transferable to other people for specific date and time (no switching to a different date).
4. No alcoholic beverages allowed on board vehicles.
5. No standing or walking around on the bus allowed.
6. Purchase of Holly Trolley tickets is acknowledgement and acceptance of Holly Trolley Terms and Conditions.

The Franklin Transit Authority, City of Franklin, and/or The TMA Group is not liable for any damages to personal property or injury incurred while boarding, dismounting, or riding transit vehicles.

For more information call: (615) 628.0270 or (615) 628.0261

Please Note: Trolley A has 16 seats
Trolley B has 24 seats


December 6th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 6th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 6th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 6th, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 7th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 7th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 7th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 7th, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 8th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 8th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 8th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 8th, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 13th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 13th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 13th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 13th, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 14th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 14th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 14th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 14th, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 15th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 15th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 15th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 15th, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 20th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 20th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 20th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 20th, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 21st, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 21st, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 21st, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 21st, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 22nd, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 22nd, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 22nd, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 22nd, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 27th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 27th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 27th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 27th, Trolley B, 8:30pm
December 28th, Trolley A, 6:30pm
December 28th, Trolley A, 8:30pm
December 28th, Trolley B, 6:30pm
December 28th, Trolley B, 8:30pm

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