Pedicure Love

Pedicure Love

Pedicure Treatments for to Spoil Your Feet
By Lexi Vance

Take a moment this summer to pamper yourself and relax. All pedicures will leave your feet soft, supple, and sandal ready. From the classic pedicure to the avant-garde pedicure treatments, Couture gives you the lowdown on the many types of pedicures.

Classic Pedicure- This is the basic pedicure package. Your feet are soaked in warm water, and then massaged. The toenails are cut and polished. However if your feet need extra attention, it might be a good idea to upgrade to a more intensive pedicure.

Fish Pedicure- Imagine placing your feet into a fish bowl with dozens of garra rufa or doctor fish. The fish nibble off all of your dead skin, instead of a pedicurist shaving off all of your feet’s dead skin. After keeping your feet in the fish tank for 15-30 minutes, you get a classic pedicure and you have extremely soft feet. Fish pedicures are controversial in the salon world and have been banned in 14 states due to strange health code clauses.

Milk & Honey Pedicure- Soaking your feet in a mixture of milk and honey hydrates and moisturizes them. Honey also has properties that retain moisture, so it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. It is terrific pre vacation or summer rejuvenation for feet. Here is a great milk and honey pedicure DIY guide.

Paraffin Pedicure- First your feet are washed in hot water to cleanse them and to open the feet’s pores, which makes them very absorbent. Then, your feet are coated in a layer of hot paraffin wax that absorbs into the feet and rejuvenates by softening and moisturizing the nail beds and the feet. This is a great pedicure choice for those who have extremely dry skin or cracked skin along their feet.

All of these pedicure treatments will leave you feeling like a pampered princess. Many spas and salons have their own tweaked version of each of pedicure, and some even have specialty pedicures that will give you a unique and relaxing treatment. Spice up your usual pedicure and get one of these hot trendy pedicures that will leave you relaxed with happy feet.

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