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The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Jeff Long is a full-time law enforcement agency.

The Sheriff’s Office is divided into divisions and each division is under the command of a Captain.

  1. The Corrections Division is commanded by the Captain and his/her staff of 95 professional men and women are committed to providing a safe, secure and cost efficient facility for the housing of prisoners. The Williamson County Jail has a capacity for 454 inmates and houses county, state and federal prisoners.
  2. The Court Services Division is commanded by the Captain. He/She and his/her staff of 28 certified law enforcement deputies are responsible for providing security to the General Session, Chancery, Circuit and Juvenile Courts. These deputies also execute civil process, apprehend persons having active arrest warrants and transportation of prisoners to and from the courts, prisons, medical facilities and to and from other jurisdictions in and out of Tennessee.
  3. The Crime Preventions Division is commanded by the Captain.  The mission of the division is to educate and assist in the facilitation of programs to deter crimes throughout the county. The division works with adults, senior citizens, students, teachers, school administrators, businesses and other government agencies to maintain a safer environment in our schools and communities. Some of programs provided by this division are: 1)D.A.R.E. 2) Neighborhood Watch , 3) Senior Citizen Safety Education, 4) School Resource Officers (SRO). There are SRO’s in all Williamson County high schools and middle schools and 5) Crime Stoppers.
  4. The Criminal Investigations Division is commanded by the Captain. He/She and his/her staff of 7 criminal investigators are responsible for the investigation of crimes reported to the Sheriff’s Office. The Division works daily with other jurisdictions at the local, state and federal level in their efforts to solve crimes.
  5. The Patrol Division is Commanded by the Captain. This division consists 42 state certified law enforcement officers. The uniformed Patrol Deputy is the most visible member of the Sheriff’s Office. Patrol Deputies provide service twenty-four a day to the 583 square miles of Williamson County. While on patrol deputies will respond to radio dispatches (or citizen’s requests), conduct investigations, testify in court, provide traffic control, investigate traffic crashes, attend community functions, evaluate and control violent situations, assist with funeral escorts and arrests those involved in the illegal drug trade. The patrol division has several sub-divisions to it such as a K9 unit, a traffic unit and 2 of its personnel are assigned to the 21st Judicial Drug Task Force.
  6. The Training Division. There are two deputies assigned to the Training Division and they are responsible for ensuring that all deputies meet their yearly training requirements. The division maintains all training records and must be up to date on all training requirements set forth by the Tennessee Corrections Institute and the Tennessee Peace Officers and Training Commission.

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