Sizzle Awards

Sizzle Awards

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Welcome to the Sizzle Awards!

Presented by JLB, FranklinIS, Southern Exposure Magazine and the Williamson Herald.  The winners will be announced in the Williamson Herald and FranklinIS in March, and in the April/May edtion of Southern Exposure Magazine.



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A few things to note:  Only 1 vote per person.  Once your business receives a minimum of 10 write-in votes, it will appear as a selection option in the poll.   If you receive notice that you have already voted and you have not, then please try to clear your browser cache or try another email address.


47 Responses to “Sizzle Awards”

  1. Dana Funk says:

    We love Franklin!!

    —Studio Gaven Haircolour & The Studio by Studio Gaven

  2. Rick says:

    Reliant Bank

  3. Beth Besch says:

    Franklin Synergy Bank

  4. Stephen Key says:

    Franklin Synergy Bank “Best Local Bank!”

  5. Bryan F. Edens says:

    Lee company is the Best

  6. Sheri Housden says:

    Clearly better banking
    Reliant Bank !

  7. Rebecca Chittom says:

    Frothy Monkey has the best cappacinos ! They also serve great breakfast it not your typical southern country breakfast ! Nice to have a healthier atternative!

  8. Bob Carter says:

    Bishops is super. Best in Franklin

  9. Marcia Diehl says:


  10. Broadcast live online from Kimbro’s in Franklin twice a month, Viva Nash Vegas!features new & established artists ~ it’s a terrific show!

  11. Denise Dyer says:

    Vote for Gregorys Salon Second

  12. Pamela Johnson says:

    Aspen Grove Dental

  13. Paula burgess says:

    Hope the party was like last year!

  14. Kelly Gray says:

    I vote Lucas Orthodontics! Always GREAT patient/staff communication! … The best and most fun office to go to!.. I highly recommend Dr. Lucas and staff!!

  15. GREG HUBBARD says:

    auto clinic of franklin is the best repair shop in town.

  16. Sarah Trent says:

    Favorite Gym – Team Tae Bo Fitness Studio
    Specialty Fitness – Team Tae Bo Fitness Studio

  17. John Price says:

    I’d like to nominate Cool Springs Chiropractic for a Sizzle Award!

  18. Leiah Drew says:

    Mercy is the best pediatric integrative care in Middle Tennessee! We serve all the mental health, pediatric and psychiatric needs of your child with purpose and passion.

  19. Sandra Bullock says:

    Zolos Italian Restaurant is the best Italian food in Williamson County.

  20. Ryan says:

    Lee Company is AWESOME!

  21. Robbie Short says:

    Wondering if our studio made it this year… It’s been around 15 years, I’ve owned it for 6 and we have never made the list yet…so hoping we do this year

  22. Joyce Mosier says:

    Bagbey House Is a fun place to shop for decor and gifts! Creative and friendly staff.

  23. John Flowers says:

    Bright House Green Cleaning does the best job in both residential and business environments. The employs are polite and respectful and very professional and through. I would recommend them to any and all persons both business and private.

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  25. Patrick Kelley says:

    Nashville Bright House Cleaning Co.

  26. Jennifer Early says:

    Love Legend Homes!

  27. Anita Conn says:

    Animal Ark Animal Hospital takes terrific care of our dog, Cleveland!

  28. Brooke j says:

    Ecco salon!!!!

  29. Melinda says:

    legend homes,Ecco salon, auto clinic of franklin!

  30. Janice Maples says:

    The Ecco hair salon is the best in Franklin. Professional, beautiful and friendly.

  31. Kathleen LaJAune says:

    Animal Arc is the very best Vet in all of Williamson County. Dr. Paula and her staff are caring, knowledgeable and professional. They are my very first and only choice for my precious pets.

  32. Gina Mote says:

    Full Service Insurance…BEST Insurance Agency in Franklin!!!

  33. Allison says:

    Legend Homes!

  34. Joe Doughty says:

    Drs Jeff and Carolyn Yates at Peak Performance are incredible. Make sure you visit them for your chiropractic needs.

  35. Keith White says:

    I vote for Dr Jeff at Peak Performance Choropratic, who I need to see right now.

  36. Ronny Williams says:

    Pueblo Real is the Best Mexican Restaurant in Williamson County PERIOD!!!

  37. Deb Borawskj says:

    ecco is the best!!! Gentry farm totally awesome and Daves barber shop is beast!

  38. David Hopkins says:

    First Citizens National Bank is AWESOME!

  39. Holly Lloyd says:

    Case Selects! Always have what I want and John is sooo cute!

  40. Heather says:

    Sara Northcutt Dental! Best dentistry in MIDTN!

  41. Susan England says:

    Auto Clinic of Franklin is the best in town. If you want honest quality service this is the place!

  42. Angie Carson says:

    Vote for Carsons Barber Shop!! We are Locally Owned Business and would love your business!!

  43. I love Franklin and Schools. PB&J is one of the best Day School.

  44. Ryan Thomas says:

    Frothy Monkey Franklin!

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