Posted – Sizzle Awards Winners (Official List) , Best Businesses in Williamson County

Posted – Sizzle Awards Winners (Official List) , Best Businesses in Williamson County

Sizzle Awards Winners (Official List)

CONGRATULATIONS to The Sizzle Award winners of 2017 (10th Anniversary).

Below is the official winners list of the Franklinis 2017 Sizzle Awards.  The Sizzle Awards are the best of the best business of Williamson as voted by the public. received 1 Million votes to help determine who Williamson County views as the best businesses for Cuisine, Healthcare, Personal and Business Services, and more.   Some winners won by just 1 (one) vote so it was exciting.

The FranklinIs Sizzle team spent days working on tallying the poll votes to identify the rightful winners of “The Best Businesses of Williamson County”.   Winners were announced on Friday at the annual Sizzle Awards banquet.  

1st place winners received custom marble Plaque, 2nd and 3rd place winners received a custom certificate and 4th and 5th place are announced here as honorable mentions.  

Winners will be announced and promoted throughout the year, depending on promotion package.  You can further promote your business by advertising with Franklinis and we can add your logo with website link.  For more info on advertising please contact Franklinis HERE.




Merridees1st: Merridee’s Breadbasket                                                                       


2nd: Five Daughter’s Bakery                                                                          

3rd: Puffy Muffin                                                                               

4th: Nothing Bundt Cakes                                                                             

5th: Gigi’s Cupcakes                                                                         



1st: Burger Up                                                                       Children Acad 120x600

2nd: Five Guys                                                                       

3rd: Burger Republic                                                                          

4th: Cork & Cow                                                                                

5th: Frothy Monkey                                                                         



1st: First Watch                                                                                 

2nd: Cracker Barrel                                                                            

3rd: Puckett’s Groc. & Restaurant                                                                             

4th: Merridee’s Breadbasket                                                                        

5th: Frothy Monkey                                                                         



1st: Catering & Events by Suzette                                                                 

2nd: South Fork Catering                                                                               

3rd: Love Language Catering                                                                         

4th:  As You Like It                                                                            


Catering Restaurant:                                                                         

1st: Puckett’s Groc. & Restaurant                                                                             

2nd: Cool Café                                                                        

3rd: Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q                                                                            

TIE 4th: Taziki’s Mediterranean Café                                                                                               

TIE 4th: The Puffy Muffin                                                                             


Coffee House:                                                                        FSB_FranklinIs Website ad 5_2016

1st: Frothy Monkey                                                                            

2nd: Starbucks                                                                       

3rd: Merridee’s Breadbasket                                                                         

4th: Honest Coffee                                                                            

5th: The Good Cup                                                                            


Deli/Sandwich Shop:                                                                         

1st: Merridee’s Breadbasket                                                                         

2nd: Franklin Mercantile & Deli                                                                                

3rd: Jersey Mike’s                                                                              

4th: Jason’s Deli                                                                                


Fine Dining:                                                                           

1st: Cork & Cow                                                                                 

2nd: J. Alexander’s                                                                             

3rd: Sperry’s                                                                           

4th: Red Pony                                                                        

5th: Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill                                                                    


Meat & 3:                                                                               

1st: Puckett’s Groc. & Restaurant                                                                             

2nd: Bishop’s Meat & 3                                                                                 

3rd: Cool Cafe                                                                        

4th: Barbara’s Home Cooking                                                                                   

5th: City Café                                                                        



1st: Pueblo Real/Tito’s Mexican Restaurant                            JLB_banner_ad_120x600                                

2nd: Chuy’s                                                                             

3rd: Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant                                                                             

4th: Oscar’s Tacos                                                                            

5th: Uncle Julio’s                                                                               


Best BBQ                                                                               

1st: Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint                                                                       

2nd: Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Que                                                                        

3rd: Moe’s Original Bar B Que                                                                                  

4th: Stroud’s Barbeque                                                                                 

5th: Puckett’s Groc. & Restaurant                                                                



1st: Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill                                                                     

2nd: Sperry’s                                                                          

3rd: Cork & Cow                                                                                 

4th:  J. Alexander’s                                                                           

5th: Connor’s Steak & Seafood                                                                                 



1st: Carrabba’s Italian Grill                                                                           

2nd: Amerigo Italian Restaurant                                                                               

3rd: Trattoria A                                                                                  

4th: Molinari’s                                                                                  

5th: Zolo’s Italian Restaurant                                                                                   



1st: The Cheesecake Factory                                                                         

2nd: Nothing Bundt Cakes                                                                             

3rd: J. Alexander’s                                                                             

4th: Sweet Cece’s                                                                             

5th:  The Puffy Muffin                                                                                  


WH 120x600Pizza:                                                                          

1st: Mellow Mushroom                                                                                 

2nd: Nashville Pizza Co.                                                                                 

3rd: Jet’s Pizza                                                                                   

4th: MAFIAoZA’S Franklin                                                                            

5th: Brixx Wood Fired Pizza                                                                         



1st: Bonefish Grill                                                                              

2nd: Puckett’s Boat House                                                                             

3rd: Gulf Pride Seafood                                                                                 

4th: Wild Ginger                                                                                

5th: Saffire                                                                             



1st: Wild Ginger Restaurant                                                                         

2nd: P.F. Chang’s China Bistro                                                                                   

3rd: Koi Sushi &Thai                                                                          

4th: Fulin’s Asian Cuisine                                                                              

5th: Jasmine                                                                          



1st: Wild Ginger Restaurant                                                                         

2nd: Koi Sushi &Thai                                                                          

3rd: Peter’s Sushi &Thai                                                                                

4th: Sakura                                                                             

5th: Umi Japanese Restaurant                                                                                  


Business Lunch:                                                      Mid State-SKYSCRAPER                           

1st: J. Alexander’s                                                                              

2nd: Franklin Chop House                                                                              

3rd: BrickTop’s                                                                                   

4th: Gray’s on Main                                                                           

5th: Granite City Food & Brewery                                                                             


Kids Menu:                                                                             

1st: Chick-fil-A                                                                       

2nd: Culver’s                                                                          

TIE 3rd: Bishop’s Meat & 3                                                                            

TIE 3RD: Cool Cafe                                                                             

4th: BrickTops Café                                                                            

5th: Wild Ginger                                                                                


Country Market/Deli:                                                                                    

1st: Amish Country Market @ The Feed Mill                                                            

2nd: Huff’s Market                                                                             

3rd: Halfway Market                                                                          

4th: Davis General                                                                             



1st: J. Alexander’s                                                                              

2nd: Puckett’s Groc. & Restaurant                                                                

3rd: Cork & Cow                                                                                 

4th: Red Pony                                                                         

5th: Gray’s On Main                                                                          


Date Night Restaurant:                                                FH SKYSCRAPER AD                                 

1st: Red Pony                                                                         

2nd: Cork & Cow                                                                                

3rd: Gray’s on Main                                                                           

4th: Saffire                                                                             

5th: J. Alexander’s                                                                             



1st: 55 South                                                                          

2nd: Tupelo Honey Café                                                                                 

3rd: Granite City Food & Brewery                                                                             

TIE 4th: First Watch                                                                           

TIE 4th: Puckett’s Groc. & Restaurant                                                                       


Sports Bar:                                                                             

1st: Jonathan’s Grill                                                                           

2nd: Drake’s                                                                           

3rd: Buffalo Wild Wings                                                                                

4th: King’s Bowl                                                                                 

5th: Cool Springs Brewery                                                                             


Healthy Menu:                                                                                   

1st: Whole Foods                                                                               

2nd: Taziki’s Mediterranean Café                                                                             

3rd: First Watch                                                                                 

4th: Zoe’s Kitchen                                                                              

5th: Panera Bread                                                                              


Local Farmer:                                                                         

1st: Gentry Farm                                                                               

2nd: Hatcher Family Dairy                                                                             

3rd: Bear Creek Farm                                                                        

4th: Delvin Farms                                                                              

5th: Allenbrooke Farms                                                                                 


Juice Bar:                                                                               

1st: Juice Bar Franklin                                                                       

2nd: Jamba Juice                                                                               

3rd: Franklin Juice Co.                                                                        

4th: 9 Fruits                                                                           

5th: Juice Bar Brentwood                                                                              


Hot Chicken:                                                                          THRIVE SKYSCRAPER 120x600

1st: Big Shake’s                                                                                 

2nd: Bishop’s Meat & 3                                                                                 

3rd: 55 South                                                                         

4th: Cool Café                                                                        

5th: Banjos Food Truck                                                                                  



1st: Taziki’s Mediterranean Café                                                                              

2nd: Kalamata’s                                                                                 

3rd: Greek Café                                                                                  

4th: KingGyros                                                                       

5th: Mediterranean Cuisine                                                                           




1st: 55 South                                                                          

2nd: Gray’s on Main                                                                          

3rd: Drake’s                                                                            

4th: The Bunganut Pig                                                                                   

5th: Red Pony                                                                         


Charity Event/Fundraiser:                                                                             

1st: WineDown Main Street                                                                         

2nd: Franklin Noon Rodeo                                                                             

3rd: GraceWorks Turkey Trot                                                                        

4th: Heritage Ball                                                                              

5th: Main Street Brewfest                                                                            


Community Event (FREE):                                                                             

1st: Dickens of A Christmas                                                                           

2nd: Main Street Festival                                                                              

3rd: Pumpkinfest                                                                               

4th: Franklin Farmer’s Market                                                                                  

5th: Franklin Art Crawl                                                                                  


Event Venue:                                                                         Herald 120x600

1st: The Factory at Franklin                                                                           

2nd: The Franklin Theatre                                                                        

3rd: Homestead Manor                                                                                 

4th: Arrington Vineyards                                                                               

TIE 5th: The Park @ Harlinsdale Farm                                                                      

TIE 5th: Historic Carnton Plantation                                                              


Happy Hour:                                                                          

1st: 55 South                                                                          

2nd: Jonathan’s Grille                                                                        

3rd: Sonic Drive-In                                                                             

4th: Granite City Food & Brewery                                                                             

5th: Brewhouse South                                                                                   


Golf Course                                                                            

1st: Vanderbilt Legend’s Club                                                                        

2nd: Westhaven Golf Club                                                                             

3rd: Forrest Crossings                                                                        

4th: Governor’s Club                                                                          

5th: Brentwood County Club                                                                          


Dive Bar                                                                                 

1st: The Bunganut Pig                                                                       

2nd: Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor                                                                           

3rd: Corner Pub                                                                                  

4th: 55 South                                                                         

5th: Tin Roof 2                                                                                   


Live Entertainment                                                                            

1st: The Franklin Theatre                                                                         

2nd: The Bunganut Pig                                                                             

3rd: Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor                                                                           

4th: Gray’s On Main                                                                          

5th: Puckett’s Groc. & Restaurant                                                  JLB March 120 x 600                           


Public Park                                                                             

1st: Pinkerton Park                                                                             

2nd: The Park at Harlinsdale Farm                                                                

3rd: Crockett Park                                                                              

4th: Jim Warren Park                                                                         

5th: Granny White Park                                                                                 


Art Gallery                                                                             

1st: Gallery 202                                                                                 

2nd: Leiper’s Creek Gallery                                                                            

3rd: David Arms Gallery                                                                                

4th: Bagbey House Antiques & Interiors                                                                                                                                                   


Live Theater                                                                           

 1st: The Franklin Theatre                                                                             

2nd: Studio Tenn                                                                                

3rd: Pull-Tight Players                                                                       

TIE 4th: The Little Brick Theatre                                                                                

TIE 4th: The Star Bright Players                                                                                


Tourist Attraction                                                                              

1st: Downtown Franklin & Square                                                                            

2nd: Arrington Vineyards                                                                               

3rd: Historic Carnton Plantation                                                                                

4th: Carter House                                                                               


Field Trip                                                                                

1st: Gentry Farm                                                                               

2nd: Historic Carnton Plantation                                                                               

3rd: The Carter House                                                                        

4th: Deer Run Retreat                                                                       


Summer Camp                                                                                   

1st: Deer Run Retreat                                                                        

2nd: YMCA Camp Widjiwagan                                                                                  

3rd: Gentry Farm                                                                               

4th: Williamson County Parks & Rec.                                                                        

5th: Barefoot Republic  


Youth Music Instruction                                                                                 

1st: Shuff’s Music                                                                              

2nd: School of Rock                                                                           

3rd: Roots Academy                                                                          

4th: Bravo Creative                                                                            

5th: Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy                                                                    


Youth Dance Instruction                                                                                

1st: Ann Carroll School of Dance                                                                               

TIE/2nd: DC Dance Factory                                                                            

TIE/2nd: Roots Academy                                                                               

3rd: Franklin School of Performing Arts                                                                    

4th: Grassland Dance Academy                                                                        


Youth Gymnastics:                                                                            

1st: Let it Shine                                                                                  

2nd: Harpeth Gymnastics                                                                              

3rd: YMCA                                                                              

4th: Shining Light Gymnastics                                                                                   

5th: Premier Athletics                                                                                   


Youth Martial Arts                                                                             

1st: Family First Martial Arts                                                                        

2nd: Harvest Martial Arts                                                                              

3rd: Franklin Family Taekwondo                                                                               

4th: Gracie Barra                                                                               

5th: Elite Martial Arts                                                                        


Youth Non-Musical Program                                                                         

1st: Act Too Players                                                                           

2nd: Bravo Creative Arts                                                                                

3rd: First Light Arts Academy                                                                        

4th: The Star Bright Players                                                                          


Youth Sports Program                                                                       

1st: Williamson County Parks & Rec                                                             

2nd: Williamson County Soccer Assoc.                                                                     

3rd: YMCA                                                                              

4th: Franklin Baseball Club                                                                            

5th: Grassland Athletic Association                                                              


Family Activity Place                                                                        

1st: Franklin Family Entertainment Center                                                               

2nd: Kings Bowl                                                                                 

3rd: Above All Extreme Air Sports                                                                             

4th: SkyZone                                                                          

5th: Deer Run Retreat                                                                       


Kids’ Activity/Birthday Place                                                                                    

1st: Above All Extreme Air Sports                                                                             

2nd: Chuck E. Cheese                                                                         

3rd: SkyZone                                                                          

4th: Monkey Joe’s                                                                              

5th: Let It Shine                                                                                 


Date Night Place                                                                               

1st: Cork & Cow                                                                                 

2nd: Red Pony                                                                        

3rd: J. Alexander’s                                                                             

4th: Sperry’s                                                                           

5th: Gray’s On Main                                                                          



1st: Historic Carnton Plantation                                                                                

2nd: The Carter House                                                                                   

3rd: The Lotz House                                                                           

4th: Historic Nolensville School                                                                                 

5th: Williamson County Archives                                                                              



Fashion Accessories                                                                          

1st: Jondie Boutique                                                                          

2nd: TJ Maxx                                                                          

3rd: Charming Charlie’s                                                                                 

4th: Anthropologie                                                                             

5th: Lizard Thicket Boutique                                                                          



1st: Franklin Antique Mall                                                                             

2nd: Antiques at the Factory                                                                         

3rd: City Farmhouse                                                                          

4th: Vintage 615                                                                                

5th: The Barn Door                                                                            


Baby & Children’s Boutique                                                                          

1st: The Little Cottage                                                                                   

2nd: Once Upon A Child                                                                                 

3rd: Buy Buy Baby                                                                              

4th: It’s Vintage Baby                                                                        

5th: Kid to Kid                                                                        



1st: Sprintz Furniture                                                                         

2nd: American Signature Furniture                                                               

3rd: Head Springs Depot                                                                                

4th: Haverty’s                                                                         

5th: JJ Ashley’s                                                                                   


Grocery Store                                                                        

1st: Publix                                                                              

2nd: Kroger                                                                            

3rd: Whole Foods                                                                              

4th: Sprouts Farmers Market                                                                        

5th: Aldi                                                                                 


Women’s Boutique                                                                            

1st: Anthropologie                                                                             

2nd: Lizard Thicket Boutique                                                                             

3rd: Chico’s                                                                            

4th: Philanthropy                                                                               

5th: Jondie Boutique                                                                          


Local Pet Products                                                                             

1st: Nashville Pet Products                                                                            

2nd: Three Dog Bakery                                                                                  

3rd: Animalia Health &Wellness                                                                               

4th: Hometown Pets                                                                          

5th: Tractor Supply Co                                                                       


Local Sporting Goods                                                                         

1st: Bink’s Outfitters                                                                         

2nd: Friedman’s of Franklin                                                                          

3rd: Mountain High Outfitters                                                                                   

4th: Fleet Feet                                                                                   

5th: Williamson Farmers Co-Op                                                                                


Wine & Spirits                                                                        

1st: Cool Springs Wine & Spirits                                                                               

2nd: Red Dog Wine & Spirits                                                                         

3rd: Del Rio Wine & Spirits                                                                           

4th: The Bottle Shop                                                                          

5th: Moon Wine & Spirits                                                                              


Garden Center                                                                       

1st: Harpeth True Value                                                                                

2nd: Lowe’s                                                                            

3rd: Home Depot                                                                               

4th: Hewitt Garden & Design Center                                                            

5th: Riverbend Nurseries                                                                               


Thrift Store                                                                            

1st: Our Thrift Store                                                                          

2nd: Goodwill                                                                        

3rd: GraceWorks Ministries                                                                          

4th: Thrift Smart                                                                                                                    


Local Merchant – Franklin                                                                             

1st: The Shoppes on Main                                                                             

2nd: Puckett’s Groc. & Restaurant                                                                

3rd: Our Thrift Store                                                                          

4th: Avec Moi                                                                         

5th: Binks                                                                               


Local Merchant – Brentwood                                                                        

1st: The Puffy Muffin                                                                         

2nd: Hot Pink                                                                          

3rd: Brentwood Jewelers                                                                              

4th: Sew What? Gifts                                                                        

5th: Fleet Feet                                                                                   


Local Merchant – Leiper’s Fork                                                                                 

1st: Puckett’s of Leiper’s Fork                                                                       

2nd: Country Boy Restaurant                                                                         

3rd: David Arms Gallery                                                                                

4th: Serenite Maison                                                                         

5th: Kindred Nest                                                                               


Local Merchant – Thompson’s Station                                                                      

1st: Homestead Manor                                                                                  

2nd: Circa Grill                                                                                   

3rd: Huff’s Grocery                                                                            

4th: H Clark Distillery                                                                         


Local Merchant – Grassland                                                                          

1st: The Good Cup                                                                             

2nd: Grassland Market (Foodland)                                                               

3rd: The Perfect Setting                                                                                

4th: Garden Delights                                                                         

5th: Wild Birds Unlimited                                                                             


Local Merchant – Cool Springs                                                                                  

1st: Lizard Thicket Boutique                                                                              

2nd: Silver Steer & Co.                                                                                   

3rd: Papa C Pies                                                                                 

4th: Herban Market                                                                           

5th: Big Frog Custom Tshirts                                                                         


Local Merchant – Spring Hill                                                                         

1st: Vintage 615                                                                                

2nd: Fireflies                                                                          

3rd: My Mom & Me                                                                           

4th:  Delta Bound                                                                               

5th: Priss & Pearls                                                                             


Local Merchant – Nolensville                                                                        

1st: Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint                                                                       

2nd: Three French Hens                                                                                 

3rd: Nolensville Farmer’s Market                                                                             

4th: Polka Dots                                                                                   

5th: Peacock Lane                                                                              


Local Merchant – Fairview                                                                            

1st: Fairview Farmer’s Co-Op                                                                       

2nd: First District Coffee                                                                               

3rd: Bourbon & Rye                                                                           

4th: Wink Boutique                                                                            


Men’s Clothing                                                                                   

1st: Belk                                                                                 

2nd: Bink’s Outfitters                                                                        

3rd: Dillard’s                                                                          

4th: Kohls                                                                               

5th: Jos. A. Bank                                                                                


Lighting Store                                                                        

1st: Graham’s Lighting                                                                                  

2nd: Lowe’s                                                                            

3rd: Home Depot                                                                               

4th: ReFresh Homes                                                                          

5th: Discount Plumbing & Electric                                                                             



1st: Once Upon A Child                                                                                  

2nd: Kid to Kid                                                                        

3rd: Plato’s Closet                                                                              

4th: Couture for a Cause                                                                                

5th: Addison’s Attic                                                                           


Furniture Consignment                                                                                  

1st: Finders Keepers                                                                          

2nd: Classy Cat Consignment                                                                        

3rd: Addison’s Attic                                                                           


Wedding Gifts/Registry                                                                                

1st: The Registry                                                                                

2nd: Bed Bath & Beyond                                                                               

3rd: Target                                                                             

4th: Pottery Barn                                                                               

5th: Macy’s                                                                            


Fine Jewelry                                                                          

1st: Walton’s Antique & Estate Jewelry                                                                   

2nd: Crown Jewelry                                                                           

3rd: Brentwood Jewelers                                                                              

4th: Genesis Diamonds                                                                                 

5th: Jared The Galleria of Jewelry                                                                


Home Décor                                                                          

1st: Hobby Lobby                                                                                

2nd: At Home                                                                         

3rd: Kirkland’s Home                                                                         

4th: PDs                                                                                  

5th: TJ Maxx                                                                           



Auto Dealer                                                                           

1st: Darrell Waltrip Automotive                                                                                

2nd: Nissan of Cool Springs                                                                           

3rd: Lexus of Cool Springs                                                                             

4th: Toyota Cool Springs                                                                                

5th: Walker Chevrolet                                                                        


Auto Repair                                                                            

1st: Moody’s Tire & Auto Service                                                                              

2nd: Christian Brothers Automotive                                                              

3rd: Gateway Tire & Auto Service                                                                             

4th: Crutcher’s Auto Repair                                                                           

5th: Darrell Waltrip Automotive                                                                               


Local Bank                                                                             

1st: Franklin Synergy Bank                                                                            

2nd: Pinnacle Financial Partners                                                                               

3rd: FirstBank                                                                        

4th: First Farmers Bank                                                                                 

5th: Reliant Bank                                                                               


Regional/National Bank                                                                                

1st: Regions                                                                           

2nd: First Tennessee                                                                         

3rd: Bank of America                                                                         

4th: Suntrust                                                                          

5th: Fifth Third Bank                                                                          


Car Wash/Auto Detail                                                                                   

1st: Miles Auto Spa                                                                           

2nd: Franklin Car Wash                                                                                 

3rd: Sudsy’s Car Wash                                                                                   

4th: Pops Car Wash                                                                           

5th: Brentwood Auto Wash Express                                                             


Financial Services                                                                              

1st: Franklin Synergy Wealth Management                                                             

2nd: Aspen Grove Wealth Management                                                                  

3rd: First Tennessee Bank Advisors                                                              

4th: Waddell & Reed                                                                         

TIE 5th: Beacon Capital                                                                                 

TIE 5th: CapWealth Advisors                                                                         



1st: Always in Bloom                                                                         

2nd: Franklin Flower & Gift Gallery                                                              

3rd: Garden Delights Fine Florist                                                                              

4th: Freeman’s Flowers and Gifts                                                                            

5th: Whole Foods                                                                              


House Cleaning                                                                                  

1st: Molly Maid                                                                                  

2nd: Maid Right                                                                                 

3rd: Gina & Robin’s Cleaning                                                                        

4th: Brentwood Clean                                                                        

5th: Brighthouse Luxury Green Home Cleaning                                                        



1st: Full Service Insurance                                                                             

2nd: Eric Stewart, Erie Insurance                                                                               

3rd: Cathy Marks, State Farm                                                                       

4th: Zander Insurance                                                                        

5th: Bruce Smith, State Farm                                                                       



1st: My Second Home Pet Resort                                                                              

2nd: The Farm at Natchez Trace                                                                               

3rd: Franklin Kennel                                                                           

4th: Paw Pals                                                                          

5th: Battleground Animal Hospital                                                                           



1st: Mike Hayes & Associates                                                                       

2nd: Green Scene Landscaping & Irrigation                                                              

3rd: Gold Star Landscaping                                                                           

4th: Justin Stelter                                                                              

5th: Precision Lawncare                                                                                


Law Firm                                                                                

1st: Stites& Harbison PLLC                                                                            

2nd: Puryear, Newman & Morton                                                                             

3rd: Hale & Hale                                                                                

4th: Story, Abernathy, Campbell, Ashworth, Yarbrough, Hudson                                         

5th: Buerger, Moseley & Caron                                                                                 


Real Estate Firm                                                                                

1st: Parks Realty                                                                                

2nd: Keller Williams                                                                          

3rd: Benchmark Realty                                                                                  

4th: Crye-Leike                                                                                   

5th: Pilkerton Realtors                                                                                   


Best Real Estate Agent                                                                                 

1st: Danny Anderson, Parks Realty                                                                

2nd: Loy Hardcastle, Parks Realty                                                                 

3rd: Brandon Hannah Properties                                                                               

4th:  Lisa Culp Taylor, Parks Realty                                                               

5th: Tim Thompson, Premier Realtors                                                                      


Travel Agency                                                                        

1st: AAA of Cool Springs                                                                                

2nd: Franklin Travel Services                                                                         

3rd: Luv 2 Travel/Leslie Horn                                                                         

4th: Lizzy Meeks Small World Big Fun                                                                      

5th: Caldwell Travel Inc                                                                                 


Dry Cleaners                                                                          

1st: Jimmy’s Cleaners                                                                        

2nd: Fashion Cleaners                                                                       

3rd: Franklin Cleaners                                                                        

4th: Heritage Cleaners                                                                                   

5th: Top Hat Cleaners                                                                        



1st: Lee Company                                                                              

2nd: Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric                                                     

3rd: Billy Knight, AE & Son                                                                            

4th: Southern Quality Electric                                                                                   

5th: Sewell Electric Co                                                                                   



1st: Lee Company                                                                              

2nd: Joslin Plumbing & Heating                                                                                

3rd: Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric                                                     

4th: Don Wood Plumbing                                                                               

5th: Franklin Plumbing and Heating                                                              


Heating & Air                                                                         

1st: Lee Company                                                                              

2nd: Joslin Plumbing & Heating                                                                                

3rd: Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric                                                     

4th: Franklin Heating & Cooling                                                                                

5th: C & M Heating & Cooling                                                                                   



1st: Southern Land Company                                                                         

2nd: John Maher Builders                                                                              

3rd: Tennessee Valley Homes                                                                                   

4th: Legend Homes                                                                            

5th:  Trace Construction                                                                                



1st: Five Points Roofing                                                                                 

2nd: Superior Roofing                                                                        

3rd: Paul King Roofing                                                                                   

4th: Ford Roofing                                                                               

5th: Tennessee Roofing Concepts                                                                 



1st:  Boulay Photography                                                                               

2nd: Evin Photography                                                                                   

3rd: Adam Sanner                                                                              

4th: Debbie Smartt                                                                            

5th: Sarah Jones Photography                                                                                   



1st: Carpet Den Interiors                                                                               

2nd: Home Depot                                                                               

3rd: R & S Flooring                                                                            

4th: Floorz                                                                              

5th: Thurmon’s Flooring LLC                                                                          


Day Care/preschool                                                                           

1st: The Academy                                                                              

2nd: Smith Preschool                                                                         

3rd: The Little School                                                                         

4th: The Goddard School                                                                               

5th: Berry’s Chapel Preschool                                                                        


Senior Living                                                                          

1st: NHC Place                                                                       

2nd: The Fountains of Franklin                                                                                  

3rd: Brookdale of Franklin                                                                             

4th: Morning Pointe                                                                           

5th: The Heritage at Brentwood                                                                               



1st:  Drury Plaza Hotel                                                                                   

2nd: Embassy Suites of Cool Springs                                                            

3rd: Franklin Marriott of Cool Springs                                                                       

4th: Hilton Garden Inn Brentwood                                                                            

5th: Hampton Inn & Suites                                                                            


Interior Design                                                                                   

1st: ReFresh Homes                                                                          

2nd: Eric Ross Interiors                                                                                  

3rd: Paige Williams Interior Design                                                              

4th: Kelly Spalding Designs                                                                           

5th: Carpet Den Interiors                                                                               


Wedding/Event Planner                                                                                

1st: Southern Events Party Rental                                                                 

2nd: Leigh Bawcom Events                                                                           

3rd: Kelly Spalding Designs                                                                           

4th: Mint Springs Farm                                                                                 

5th: Ruffled Feathers Events                                                                         



1st: Bertin’s Painting                                                                         

2nd: Gene Reed Painting                                                                               

3rd: Hisway Painting                                                                          


Pest Control                                                                           

1st: Cook’s Pest Control                                                                                 

2nd: All Pest Solutions                                                                                   

3rd: Franklin Pest Control                                                                              

4th: Terminix                                                                         

5th: All American Pest                                                                                   


Window Treatment                                                                           

1st: Blind & Designs                                                                          

2nd: Blind Ambition                                                                           

3rd: Carpet Den Interiors                                                                               

4th: JLS Designs                                                                                 



1st: Fed Ex/Kinko’s                                                                            

2nd: Franklin Sign Co.                                                                        

3rd: Sign First of Franklin                                                                              

4th: Twine Graphics & Screen Printing                                                                     

5th: Alpha Graphics                                                                           


Computer Repair                                                                               

1st: Apple Store                                                                                 

2nd: Best Buy Geek Squad                                                                            

3rd:  Big Dog’s                                                                       

4th: Tech Pros                                                                        

5th: Computer Renaissance                                                                          


Health &Wellness                                                           


Family Dentist/Practice                                                                                

1st: Dr. Ryan Jones/Nashville Restorative Dentistry                                                

2nd: Aspen Grove Dental                                                                               

3rd: Kemp Dental                                                                               

4th: Berry Farms Dental                                                                                

TIE 5th: Snodgrass & King                                                                             

TIE 5th: Franklin Smiles                                                                                 


Pediatric Dental                                                                                 

1st: Snodgrass & King                                                                        

2nd: Pediatric Dental Care – Dr. Buzz                                                           

3rd: Franklin Pediatric Dentistry                                                                                

4th: Brentwood Pediatric Dentistry                                                               

5th: Farrow Pediatric Dentistry                                                                                 



1st: Kemp Orthodontics                                                                                 

2nd: Dr. James L. Ferguson                                                                           

3rd: Hillsboro Orthodontics                                                                           

4th: Lucas Orthodontics                                                                                 

5th: Snodgrass & King                                                                       


Eye Care                                                                                 

1st:  Cool Springs Eye Care                                                                            

2nd: Vanderbilt Eye Institute                                                                         

3rd: Primary Eye Care Group                                                                         

4th: Family Vision Care of Cool Springs                                                                    

5th: Taylor Made Eye Care                                                                            


Family Physician                                                                               

1st: Vanderbilt Medical Group                                                                                  

2nd: Heritage Medical Assoc.                                                                        

3rd: Williamson Medical Group                                                                                

4th: Brentwood Primary Care                                                                        

5th: Cool Springs Family Medicine                                                                



1st: Pediatric Associates of Franklin                                                             

2nd: Brentwood Children’s Clinic                                                                              

3rd: Harpeth Pediatrics                                                                                  

4th: Vanderbilt Family Practice                                                                                 

5th: Brentwood Pediatrics                                                                             


Physical Therapy                                                                               

1st: STAR Physical Therapy                                                                           

2nd: Elite Physical Therapy                                                                            

3rd: Results Physiotherapy                                                                            

4th: Vanderbilt Physical Therapy                                                                               

5th: Performance Therapy                                                                             


Sports Medicine/Orthopaedics                                                                                 

1st:  Vanderbilt Bone & Joint                                                                        

2nd: STAR Physical Therapy                                                                          

3rd: Franklin Orthopaedics                                                                            

4th: Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center                                                 

5th: Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance                                                           



1st: Cool Springs Chiropractic                                                                        

2nd: Dr. Gil Center for Back, Neck and Chronic Pain Relief                                      

3rd: Mason Chiropractic                                                                                

4th: Berry Farms Chiropractic                                                                                   

TIE 5th: Integrated Spine & Joint                                                                              

TIE 5th: Back to Health Family Chiropractic                                                              



1st: Franklin Hearing Center                                                                          

2nd: Hearing Services of Franklin                                                                              

3rd: Costco                                                                             

4th:  Brentwood Hearing                                                                               

5th: Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center                                                           



1st:  Williamson County Animal Hospital                                                                 

2nd: Animalia Health & Wellness                                                                             

3rd: Battleground Hospital for Animals                                                                    

4th: Rock N Country                                                                           

5th: Beauchamp Animal Hospital                                                                             



1st: Franklin Dermatology Group                                                                              

2nd: Heritage Medical Dermatology                                                 

3rd: Vanderbilt Dermatology                                                                         

4th: Brentwood Dermatology                                                                        

5th: Skin Solutions                                                                             



1st: Vanderbilt Bone & Joint                                                                         

2nd: Neuhaus Foot & Ankle                                                                           

3rd: University Foot & Ankle                                                                         

4th: Harpeth Foot & Ankle                                                                             

5th: Instep Foot & Ankle                                                                                


Cosmetic Surgery                                                                              

1st: Cool Springs Plastic Surgery                                                                               

2nd: Franklin Skin & Laser                                                                             

3rd: Nathan Brought, Southern Plastic Surgery                                                        

4th: Youthful Reflections                                                                                                                               


Women’s Health                                                                               

1st: Vanderbilt Franklin Women’s                                                                            

2nd: Women’s Group of Franklin                                                                              

3rd: Heritage Women’s Center                                                                                 

4th: Tennessee Women’s Care                                                                                 

5th: Cool Springs OBGYN                                                                              


Minute Clinic                                                                          

1st: Vanderbilt Health/Williamson Medical Center                                                 

2nd: Kroger Little Clinic                                                                                 

3rd: Physician’s Urgent Care                                                                         

4th: CVS Minute Clinic                                                                                   

5th: Walgreens Healthcare Clinic                                                                              


Medical Facility                                                                                 

1st: Williamson Medical Center                                                                                

2nd: Vanderbilt Health Walk-In                                                                                 

3rd: Heritage Medical Group                                                                         

4th: Brentwood Primary Care                                                                        

5th: Cool Springs Family Medicine                                                                


Ear Nose & Throat                                                                             

1st: Vanderbilt ENT                                                                           

2nd: ENT Specialists of Cool Springs                                                             

3rd: Williamson Medical Center                                                                               

4th: Heritage Medical Associates                                                                             

5th: Otolaryngology Associates of Tennessee                                                          


Allergy Specialist                                                                               

1st: Cool Springs Allergy                                                                                

2nd: Allergy & Asthma Center                                                                                   

3rd: Heritage Medical Assoc.                                                                        

4th: Otolaryngology Associates of Tennessee                                                          

5th: Vanderbilt Asthma, Sinus and Allergy Program                                                            



1st: The Refuge Center                                                                                  

2nd: Mercy Health Services                                                                           

3rd: Brandon Antoskow Counseling                                                              

4th: Summer Curwen                                                                        

5th: Annamarie Sears                                                                        


PERSONAL CARE                                                    

Barber/Men’s Haircut                                                                       

1st: Great Clips                                                                                  

2nd: Dion’s South                                                                               

3rd: Uncle’s Classic Barber Shop                                                                               

4th: Sport Clips                                                                                  

5th: Carson’s Barber Ship                                                                              


Child’s Haircut                                                                        

1st: Great Clips                                                                                  

2nd: Sports Clips                                                                                

3rd: Snip It’s                                                                           

4th: Carson’s Barker Shop                                                                             

5th: Mint Julep Salon                                                                         


Hair Salon                                                                              

1st: Dion’s South                                                                                

2nd: Aveda Institute                                                                          

3rd: A Moment’s Peace Salon & Day Spa                                                                  

4th: Artistry Spa Salong                                                                                 

5th: Studio Gaven                                                                               


Health Club/Fitness Center                                                                           

1st: Williamson County Parks & Rec.                                                            

2nd: YMCA                                                                             

3rd: Planet Fitness                                                                             

4th: Franklin Athletic Club                                                                             

5th: Prairie Life Fitness                                                                                 


Specialty Fitness                                                                               

1st: Pure Barre                                                                                   

2nd: Orangetheory Fitness                                                                            

3rd: D1                                                                       

4th: Title Boxing Club                                                                        

5th: Jazzercise Franklin                                                                                 


Day Spa                                                                                 

1st: A Moment’s Peace Salon & Day Spa                                                                   

2nd: Woodhouse Day Spa                                                                              

3rd: Massage Envy                                                                             

4th: Hand & Stone Massage                                                                          

5th: Pinup Skin Spa                                                                            



1st: Massage Envy                                                                             

2nd: Woodhouse Day Spa                                                                              

3rd: A Moment’s Peace Salon & Day Spa                                                                  

4th: Elements Massage                                                                                 

 5th: Hand & Stone Massage                                                                           



1st: The Nail Bar                                                                                

2nd: Franklin Nails                                                                             

3rd: A Moment’s Peace Salon & Day Spa                                                                  

4th: Sahara Nail Spa                                                                          

5th: Serenity Nail Spa                                                                        



1st: A Moment’s Peace Salon &Day Spa                                                                   

2nd: Woodhouse Day Spa                                                                              

3rd: Pin UP Skin & Spa                                                                                   

4th: Latour Skincare Center                                                                           

5th: Franklin Skin & Laser                                                                              


Personal Trainer/Program                                                                             

1st: Williamson County Parks & Rec                                                             

2nd: Orangetheory Fitness                                                                            

3rd: Chadwick’s Fitness & Performance Training                                                     

4th:  Temple Fitness                                                                          

5th: Harvest Martial Arts                                                                               


Weight Management                                                                        

1st: Weight Watchers                                                                       

2nd: Cool Springs MD                                                                        

3rd: LT360                                                                              

4th: Weigh Down Ministries                                                                         

5th: Evolve Wellness                                                                         



1st: Hot Yoga Plus                                                                              

2nd: YMCA                                                                             

3rd: Half Moon Yoga                                                                          

4th: Beyond Yoga                                                                               

5th: Fahrenheit Yoga                                                                         



1st: A Moment’s Peace Salon &Day Spa                                                                   

2nd: Woodhouse Day Spa                                                                              

3rd: Pin Up Skin & Spa                                                                                   

4th: Latour Skincare Center                                                                           

5th: Aveda Institute                                                                           


Skin & Body Care                                                                               

1st: A Moment’s Peace Salon &Day Spa                                                                   

2nd: Pin Up Skin & Spa                                                                                  

3rd: Unruli Aveda Salon                                                                                 

4th: Franklin Skin & Laser                                                                              

5th: Franklin Dermatology Group                                                                              





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