Tech Savvy Parenting Workshop

Tech Savvy Parenting Workshop

This event is being hosted by The Franklin Clapham Group, a local non-profit with the mission of speaking into the culture of the day from a Biblical worldview on various subject matters. We host such event as forums, speakers, conversations, and topical events to engage and serve our community.

The seminar, titled Tech Savvy Parenting, focuses on issues affecting teens on a daily basis-  things like- Internet security, social media, cyberbullying, sexting, etc. People attending this seminar will come away with a better understand of the dangers of the web culture and will be given specific steps and such needed tools to safeguard their child’s digital life.

In addition, unlike most forums and seminars of this type that have taken place in our community, our speaker Brian Houseman, well-known authority on today’s web culture, and a former school administrator and youth pastor, and a dad of teens himself, will walk us though how it is less about “behavior modification” and ultimately more about a heart issue.

Tech Savvy Parenting

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