The Registry is Moving

The Registry is Moving

A note from the Registry...

THE REGISTRY is moving!  That’s right!  We are moving just 5 doors down the street…to 347 Main Street.

Yes, we will be on the SAME block, on the SAME street, and even on the SAME side of the street!  We won’t be hard to find at all…maybe even easier!  The Registry will now be located at the corner of Main Street and 4th Avenue South.  And most importantly, we will have the SAME exquisite merchandise and the SAME personal service…and we will still have a backdoor for ‘drive thru’ pick up.

Now this won’t happen overnight, but almost!  We will begin our move on May 1st and call it home by May 31st.  No, we won’t be closing to make the move.  We will be operating in our current location, until our new location is ready.  We want all of our brides to know, ‘WE ARE HERE FOR YOU’.  We may look out of sorts for a few weeks, but we will have your registry desires and we will wrap with the same love and care we always have.  Customers wishing to purchase wedding gifts for you online will not skip a beat.

New Location | 347 Main St.

Brides wishing to register with us…we are here for you too!  It maybe a little challenging as we pack up our merchandise to move down the street, but bear with us!  We may need to reschedule dates for registering, but it won’t be far away.

Over the past 8 ½ years, we have met and gotten to know the most wonderful customers in the world.  YOU are the reason we come to work every day.  Thank YOU for making The Registry what is it today and what it will be tomorrow…or shall we say May 31st!

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