Winter 2011 Fashion

Winter 2011 Fashion

Top 10 trends to stay haute this winter!

Put the tacky Christmas sweaters back in the closet for next year’s office party and pull on some of these fabulous trends to start you new year off stylishly!

Here are 10 trends to keep you looking haute, fabulous and ready for the new year.

  1. LACEY LADY:  It’s all about the lace!  Stockings, blouses, hair accessories, little gloves (yes, think Madonna at her finest), even lace overlays on skirts.  Work it ladies, lace is back for just a season.
  2. PUT A SOCK ON IT: Wear your socks with your heels.  Yes, we are serious!  Calf high socks under your pumps are the metrofashional trend this winter.  It may sound silly, but it is oh, so hip and trendy!
  3. CUT IT OUT: Cut outs are still trending their way into the mainstream of suburban fashion.  Out on the town for a night with the girlies, wear a top with cut outs in along the arms.
  4. METALLIC STATEMENTS:  Remember that perfect clutch you took to junior prom?  Did it razzle and dazzle?  Sparkley statement clutches continue to be all the rage this winter.  Pair yours with a simple, sophisticated look.
  5. VAMP CAPES:  Embrace your inner Vamp and don a cape or two this winter over your already stylish outfit.  These aren’t just for the nannies anymore!
  6. PEEK-A-BOO-POSH: Lingerie is making an appearance, and we don’t mean after 10pm.  It appears that fashionistas are wearing lingerie pieces on the outerlayers of their clothing.  Hmmm… we aren’t quite sure about this one, but perhaps it will add a little flair to a boring look?
  7. WAVE WITH YOUR HAIR NOT YOUR HAND:  Wavey bobs are all the gush this new year.  As pixie looks took over the hair industry last fall, wavey bobs are now claiming their rights as “king of the castle.”
  8. COLOR CARE:  European influences have finally made an impact on hair for 2011 in the US market.  Try a Polish ice blonde or a deep Scarlet Red.  The bolder and brighter, the better!
  9. DISCO DIVA:  We are no longer in 80’s land ladies… we are jumping back a decade to Studio 54.   Pull out your Mom’s disco clothing and work it into your every day wardrobe.
  10. THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING:  Knee-high boots continue to be a trend and season staple.  If your closet hasn’t welcomed this member into your home, what are you waiting for?  Knee-High boots look perfect with tucked in jeggings, lacey stockings, and more!  Put a pair on before you walk out the door!

Do you have a fashion blog, that stays up to date on the current trends?  If so, let us know!

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