Promote Your Business with a Personalized Ad Package

The inspiration behind each ad package is to give the client a strategic advantage in hitting many different viewers, with the accessibility of knowing the success of his/her ad campaign.  Everything included in the ad campaign is trackable.  FranklinIs can let clients know how may impressions their ad received, how many clicks if it was in an eblast or in the form of a rotating banner ad, etc. Click here to view the 2016 Media Kit. Email us today, to learn more,

Why Advertise with FranklinIs:

  • Thousands of visitors a month
  • Cost Effective way to showcase your name and/or potentially drive customers to your  own website (the FranklinIs ad size percentage is bigger than many print ads and will be viewed 24/7 whenever anyone visits the page).
  • Measurable Results: FranklinIs will generate a statistic report for your banner ad or section sponsor each month. The report will reflect how many impressions the ad received and how many clicks the ad received.