The Education Equal Opportunity Group (EEOG) launched their Third Annual Summer Enrichment and Technology Program. From July 10 to July 21, high school students had the opportunity to learn about Android coding, video game design, financial literacy, conversational Spanish and character development. 
“This was the third year of our summer enrichment program and we had 14 students that attended, one commuting from Clarksville every day,” explains George Thomas, President and Founder of the EEOG. “Every one of them were engaged and attentive during the duration of the program. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of students.”
The EEOG’s annual summer program provided a structured program to teenagers who would otherwise have no access to leadership and personal development enrichment activities during the summer. Speakers came from companies such as Google Fiber, UPS, First Tennessee Bank, PLA Media and many more to talk with the students about opportunities with their companies and what they do on a day to day basis. For the past two years the Summer Enrichment program has given 30 high school students the opportunity to grow and learn through networking, training and leadership programs, and this year added 14 more, one student commuting from Clarksville every day.

The EEOG sets up at American Baptist College for Summer Enrichment Program

President and Founder of the EEOG, George Thomas addresses students during Spanish class

Presidentand Owner of PLA Media, Pam Lewis speaking to the students about the music business 

PamLewis, George Thomas, and EEOG students pose on the last day of the Summer Program
“This program is a real gem. The EEOG curriculum fills the gaps that public schools sometimes leave and teaches young people essential life skills that enable them to be successful.  My students were excited to start every class and were engaged the whole time. I could really tell they enjoyed it.”
– Rashad Bailey, Android Coding and Video Game Design Instructor
“The EEOG Summer Enrichment and Technology program was an amazing opportunity for my daughter. Initially, she was not excited about attending because she thought it would be boring. Little did she know that she would be learning relevant and valuable lifelong skills and lessons that would put her on the path to financial stability and technology Enrichment.”
– Candy Johnson, Mother of student in the summer program
“I’m very fortunate to be part of George Thomas’ vision and mission to create a summer program that opens the world to our students! I personally love the wonderful expression of their young faces when they realize they can communicate in Spanish!”
– Luna Morena, Conversational Spanish Instructor
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About the Education Equal Opportunity Group (EEOG):
The purpose of the EEOG’s programs is to provide intensive academic instruction throughout the school year and summer months. They promote college and career readiness for at risk, high school students. For nearly 20 years, EEOG has invested in students, creating meaningful experiences and providing positive pathways for success. EEOG is a culturally diverse, non-profit organization centered in self-efficacy meeting the unmet needs of today’s students. The organization’s programs provide students with a positive environment as part of the learning process and focuses on preparing emerging student leaders to become armed with a wealth of knowledge. Since its inception, the EEOG has assisted over 18,000 students through participation in internship programs, and preparation of skills for educational and career opportunities.
About George Thomas:
George Thomas is the Founder and President of the Education Equal Opportunity Group (EEOG), a 501c(3) organization. The EEOG has provided character, leadership and personal development training to high school students across Tennessee. George, a native of St. Louis, Mo., received his Bachelors of Business Administration at Tennessee State University. He has more than 20 years of experience in public service and has been nominated for various awards and recognition including selection as a leading community activist by the Future Ready Nashville campaign.George is involved in multiple organizations, serving as the Vice Chair of the Scholarship Committee for the Metropolitan Development Housing Agency (MDHA), board member for Prohealth Rural Healthcare, Chairman for the George Thomas Scholarship Fund and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. 

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