Final Meeting for Parks Comprehensive Master Plan

Final Meeting for Parks Comprehensive Master Plan

Last Opportunity for Public Input into Revisions of Parks Plan

Franklin citizens are invited to the final public meeting to discuss the revisions to the Parks Comprehensive Master Plan.  The plan is a comprehensive master plan that evaluates existing recreation and park facilities, provides recommendations for improvements and creates a vision for many years down the road. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 5, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the City Hall Training Room.


The public meeting will explain the revisions that have been made in the draft plan since the presentation to BOMA in June and the last public meeting on August 17.  The revisions that have been made are in response to stakeholder input.  The revisions primarily involve the greenway and trail segment of the plan and the capital improvement plan.  All reference to priorities for implementation for the various greenway trail segments have been removed.  Revisions also state that the greenway trail routes are conceptual and subject to revision based on future stakeholder input, BOMA approval and detailed design.  All priorities regarding implementation of the individual capital improvement recommendations over the 10 year planning period are likewise removed.  The revised plan now presents an overall vision for implementation and leaves decisions related to the priorities and timing for implementation of all plan recommendations to BOMA.  The revision also separates the adoption of the Park Land Dedication Ordinance from the adoption of the master plan.

Our parks are essential components of Franklin’s quality of life.  The City’s Parks Department is committed to bringing exciting and valuable activities to all Franklin residents, as well as planning and maintaining first rate parks facilities.

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