Franklin Synergy Bank

Franklin Synergy Bank

Bringing community back to banking in Williamson County

Nestled comfortably between the Police Station and the Franklin Transit Authority on Columbia Avenue, Franklin Synergy Bank’s new headquarters opened in May of 2010. The bank serves as Williamson County’s community bank, where customers and clients enter into a warm, traditional, community banking environment.

At a time when it matters most, Franklin Synergy Bank is rising up to meet the challenge of making banking “personal” again. What better place to have the ultimate community bank, than Williamson County?

“As local citizens, we saw that there was a need for a community bank, we stepped up and tried to meet that need,” says Richard Herrington, President of Franklin Synergy. In addition to Herrington, the Franklin Synergy Board of Directors includes Hank Brockman, Jim Cross, Dr. David Kemp, Paul Pratt, Jr. and Pam Stephens.

Herrington and the bank’s dedicated leadership team are meeting that need both personally by establishing and nurturing relationships with Williamson County residents and structurally by building a headquarters that successfully complements historic downtown Franklin. Senior team members include: Jody Bowman, Jere Pewitt, Lisa Musgrove, Ashley P. Hill, III, Aimee Punessen, Kevin Herrington and Sally Bowers.

From the beginning, Franklin Synergy Bank’s goal has been to put its headquarters in downtown Franklin. Currently, the bank operates branches in the Bennett House on Fourth Avenue North and on Aspen Grove Drive in Cool Springs, in addition to a Mortgage Office in the Synergy Business Park in Brentwood. In April of 2009, Franklin Synergy broke ground on Columbia Avenue. When the building is complete, it will serve as Franklin Synergy’s main branch and corporate headquarters.

The new building has a hint of Greek Rival and Southern architecture. It will fit in nicely with the other historic buildings and appear as though it has been there for years.
Just walking inside, one is taken with the care and attention that went into selecting the materials.

Hank Brockman of Franklin Square Partners led the development of the property on Columbia Avenue.  Brockman explained that the limestone, handpicked from a quarry in Indiana, was selected so that every slab would reflect the same consistent colors. Holes are drilled into each slab of limestone, and then they are fitted together perfectly.

With windows overlooking Columbia Avenue and windows near the ceilings on the second floor, natural sunlight floods the bank in a friendly manner. The large columns that will go across the front of the building symbolize the solid traditional values of Franklin Synergy Bank. Just as the bank is being intricately built with matching limestone and stoic Greek columns, Franklin Synergy is the perfect piece to making the puzzle of Franklin’s banking world complete.

At the new location, patrons are able to walk into a traditional banking setting with the comfort of seeing the same faces and establishing relationships with their banker.

“We want you to come see the new building whether you bank with us or not,” explains Aimee Punessen, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “It is historically relevant but even more important to us is that you feel at home when you are in our bank. Whether you bank with us or not, stop in, have a cup of coffee, sit by the fireplace. If you need a place to talk to your home builder, come in and use one of our downstairs conference rooms.”

The challenge for Franklin Synergy Bank is to be a true community bank in an ever-evolving financial world. Franklin Synergy is already rising to meet that challenge – offering savvy technology for clients, such as Easy-Deposit, which allows customers to make deposits into their Franklin Synergy accounts from home. Going beyond that challenge, Franklin Synergy’s headquarters will offer the consistency of traditional banking with the warmth of community.

At Franklin Synergy Bank, a remarkable bank looks to embrace the Williamson County community with open arms. To learn more about Franklin Synergy, visit its current offices listed below or online at

Franklin Synergy Bank
3301 Aspen Grove Drive, Suite 106
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 236-BANK (2265)
(615) 236-4603 (fax)
(615) 236-4601 (telephone banking)
(866) 834-4838 (telephone banking) – Toll-free
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm, Monday through Friday

Franklin Synergy Mortgage
7101 Executive Center Drive, Suite 110
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 564-6400
(615) 564-6402 (fax)
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm, Monday through Friday

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