Help Save Music Row By Signing Petition

Help Save Music Row By Signing Petition

Music Row, where the sounds of America have been created for more than 60 years, is endangered by Nashville’s massive growth and development, and The National Trust for Historic Preservation needs your to help preserve it.

In recent years, places where the music that gave Nashville its international reputation as Music City have been lost to the wrecking ball—including the first record company office on Music Row, the first recording studio ever built in Nashville, and the city’s first commercial radio station. In 2014, famed RCA Studio (where artists ranging from Dolly Parton to Chris Stapleton recorded hits) was slated for demolition, touching off an international outcry and prompting the National Trust to launch a National Treasure campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Music Row and the growing threats to it.

Help us keep the music on Music Row by voicing your support to bring greater protections and preservation incentives to sustain its vital importance to Nashville’s identity as Music City

Sign our letter to some of Nashville’s key elected officials today! 
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“We want to draw awareness to the importance of Music Row and the history of Nashville. Music is the only industry that brands both the city and the state internationally. People don’t realize that we are responsible for over 10 billion dollars in revenue in the state annually and over 56,000 jobs which is more than New York City and LA music businesses. Music Row first became significant as far back as the 1800s printing sheet music. Sadly, in the last few years forty-three buildings have been torn down, five were eligible for National Register status.” – Pam Lewis, CEO PLA Media

Nashville based duo, Blue Honey, covers Lacy J Dalton’s “16th Avenue” to help raise awareness of the distruction of Nashville’s historic buildings.

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