Introducing Mobile Synergy

Introducing Mobile Synergy

Save time, money and access your funds on-the-go.

It goes without saying that the folks at Franklin Synergy Bank love dealing with their patrons face-to-face. But you can’t always go to the bank. So for all of those “other times,” Franklin Synergy has developed a special app for Mobile Banking!

Franklin Synergy’s newest mobile option in a growing list of features is Mobile Easy Deposit. This simple process starts and ends on your iPhone and only takes a minute of your time. After downloading Franklin Synergy Bank’s free application from the iTunes App Store, enroll in Mobile Synergy Deposit through our simple enrollment process and then simply snap a shot of the front and back of your check and hit “send.” That’s it. You’re done.

Mobile Easy Deposit isn’t dependant on banking hours and allows you to make your deposit 24/7. As for safety, Franklin Synergy will send you an e-mail notification updating you on your check’s status and, as always, guards the security of your information as if it were their own. Your check will post by 5 p.m. on any given business day without you leaving the driveway.

For now, this service is only supported on the Apple iPhone. Stay tuned! Franklin Synergy is working to include all major smart-phone formats in the near future.

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