Northcutt Difference: Pediatric Dentistry

Northcutt Difference: Pediatric Dentistry

They love your kids!

Northcutt Dental is known for its reputation as a family practice, but one of its unsung specialties is pediatrics.

Sara Northcutt and the team have a special knack working with children. In fact, one third of their patients are children. Sara says she loves the opportunity to help children learn good dental hygiene.

“We have patients as young as one-year old who we take care of,” Northcutt explains. “We just love teaching children proper dental care. And, of course, we love big smiles!”

The Northcutt family works hard to remove any fear or apprehension of “the dentist” that both children and grown-ups have. “It’s a process that starts at an early age,” Northcutt says.  Equipped with a nook for kids, board games, video games, books and toys, young people can feel right at home and relaxed. Because Northcutt features a large staff made up of all women (many with kids of their own) they have an innate sense of motherly care that just comes naturally.

Call 615-790-4994 or visit the Northcutt website to make your appointment. Make Northcutt Dentistry your one-stop dental choice for the whole family, even the little guys!

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