Realtor® Rally in Washington

Realtor® Rally in Washington

Williamson County Association of Realtors® Participate in Realtor® Rally in Washington

Members of the Williamson County Association of Realtors® united with more than 14,000 Realtors® on the grounds of the Washington Monument on May 17, to make their voices heard on behalf of homeowners, real estate professionals, and those who aspire to homeownership.

At the Rally to Protect the American Dream, Realtors® from across the country joined members of Congress to demonstrate their commitment to preserving access to homeownership and affordable financing options.

“Our industry is facing a critical moment. Never before have those in housing and real estate been forced to defend the benefits they provide our country,” said Executive Vice President, Tiffany Cheuvront. “The rally in Washington proves that no one cares more about revitalizing the real estate market than Realtors®.  I was proud to be standing with our colleagues to demonstrate to Congress that homeownership and protection of the American dream matter.”

In the current economic and political climate, Realtors® are working to ensure that people who want to own a home or invest in real estate can and will continue to have the opportunity to do so. Toward that end, Realtors® are advocating better access to affordable financing, reform of the secondary mortgage market, improved liquidity in residential and commercial lending, and preservation of the tax benefits associated with homeownership.

Sen. Isakson (R-GA) said, “Homeownership always has been, and remains to this day, a part of the American dream. It is the biggest and most important investment that the average American family makes, and that’s why we should remain focused on the value of the housing market and the important role it plays in our country. It is my hope that this rally encourages Congress and the president to move forward with policies that are supportive of housing, which is vital to job creation and the recovery of our economy.”

The rally was part of NAR’s week-long Midyear Legislative Meetings, during which Realtors® and guests meet with members of Congress, federal regulators and industry experts to address pressing real estate issues and public policies in support of private property rights, homeownership and housing issues.

In the 50 years since its incorporation, WCAR has served Williamson County, its members and the community by supporting disaster relief efforts, sponsoring a scholarship for Williamson County high school seniors and many other charities throughout the County. Today, the Association is a leading provider of education, professional development and advocacy to its members.

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