Spanish, Acting and Guitar Classes

Spanish, Acting and Guitar Classes

at The Longview Recreation Center

The Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to announce a variety of classes for adults in January at the Longview Recreation Center, 2909 Commonwealth Drive in Spring Hill. Classes require pre-registration and space may be limited. For information about activities at the Longview Recreation Center, call (615)302-0971, ext. 10 or view the Spring Hill monthly newsletter at No membership is required. The Longview Recreation Center is a public facility, here to benefit the community. Anyone, including out-of-county residents, can register for and participate in classes and events held at Longview, even if you don’t have a facility pass!

This course is designed to equip you with the basic fundamentals of conversational Spanish! Students will learn pronunciation, numbers, days of the week, accents and more. Beginning Spanish will meet on Mondays, January 4- February 1 (skip 1/18) from 6:30-7:30 p.m. The class fee is $40, and the supply fee is $13. To register, call the Longview Recreation Center, (615)302-0971, ext. 10.

Spring Hill Self-Defense is based on the Korean Martial Art of HapKiDo. Students will work on physical fitness, self-defense, flexibility, weight control, increased awareness and focus. This class is for ages 14 and up and is open to all from the beginner to the advanced. The class will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 5-28 from 7 – 8:45 p.m. The cost is $50 per month, and the supply fee is $20. To register, call instructor Dave Lepard at (931)626-7058 or email Dave at

“Parris Island” is an exercise class based on the calisthenics you would experience as a recruit at the Parris Island, Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot at Parris Island, South Carolina. It’s an intense routine that targets both upper and lower body muscle groups. Every exercise is done according to a specific cadence, so you have built-in accountability that results in a very challenging and rewarding exercise session. The instructor is Bruce Gust, a nine year veteran of the USMC. This class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays, January 4-27 (skip 1/18) from 5:30-6:15 a.m. The class fee is $50 per month or $6 per class to walk-in. This is an ongoing class, join at any time. To register, call the Longview Recreation Center, (615)302-0971, ext. 10.

Students will learn and develop performance skills through the practice of specific dramatic skits, sketches and scenes. Students will also have an opportunity to develop their own material. There will be an option to perform these pieces to the public at the end of the session. This class will meet on Tuesdays, January 5-February 9 from 7:15-8:45 p.m. The cost for this 6-week class is $65. The instructor is Dr. Deanne Collins. To register, call the Longview Recreation Center, (615)302-0971, ext. 10.

Learn to dance like the natives of Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand and Tahiti in this fun 4-week class of Polynesian dancing. Instructor Chris Hendrickson uses these dance representations as a form of both exercise and education. Adults and teens are welcome in the class which will meet on Wednesdays, January 6-27 from 7-8 p.m. The class fee is $35, and the supply fee is $5. To pre-register, call the Longview Recreation Center, (615)302-0971, ext. 10.

Learning Guitar-made fun! Join instructor Tony Seago in an easy to follow, step-by-step instructional class. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of playing the guitar. Beginner students will advance into level students. The class will include all styles of music, foundations, positions, mechanics, forms, scales, theory and time measure. Classroom guitars will be provided, or you can bring your own. Classes are held Wednesdays, January 6-27 with ages 13-16 meeting from 7:30–8:30 p.m. This 4-week session is $40 and requires a supply fee of $40 for an illustrated manual and CD, payable to the instructor. Pre-register by calling the Longview Recreation Center, (615)302-0971, ext. 10.

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